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At White Rose Farm, we work in harmony with nature to cultivate a place of beauty, bounty and balance. We grow flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs in a large garden. We pasture two Jersey cows, raise Guinea hogs, chickens and geese. Our aim is to provide breathing space for us to develop our inner lives--to engage in a soulful journey grounded in the circle of life. Our approach was initiated by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1924. He encouraged farmers to think of their farms as living organisms and to develop intimacy with nature. Come for a visit! Join us as we deepen our understanding of nature and of each other.   

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Hooray! Hooray! Today's a Special Day!

Posted by Sally Voris :: Saturday, May 5 :: 4:12pm


Our season opens as we celebrate May Day on Sunday, May 6 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. Today I led a program at the Child Care Center of the Carroll Community College and we made up the song, "Hooray, hooray, today's a special day!"

I realized that the essence of a May Day Celebration is creating a pageant to honor the beauty and fertility of the Earth. We can create such an event in the barn, if need be.  Come, bring your creativity and let's honor the Earth is whatever form is appropriate tomorrow. 

The pageant is open to the public and then we will host a potluck for members of the White Rose Farm Circle, a non-profit that engages heads, hands and hearts in caring for and connecting with the natural world and each other.  Membership is easy, reasonable and FUN! 

Hope to see you soon! 

In deep appreciation of Nature and all she provides, 


Event Admission: Adult/$12; Child/$6; Family/$30 (Circle members receive a 20% discount if they register ahead online. ) Register here. Membership here.












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Our Season Opens....

with a celebration of May Day on Sunday, May 6 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.  featuring live music by Artie and the Vipers and a traditional May Pole Dance. Check our calendar for details.  

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