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At White Rose Farm, we work in harmony with nature to cultivate a place of beauty, bounty and balance. We grow flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs in a large garden. Our aim is to provide breathing space for us to develop our inner lives--to engage in a soulful journey grounded in the circle of life. Our approach was initiated by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1924. He encouraged farmers to think of their farms as living organisms and to develop intimacy with nature. Come for a visit! Join us as we deepen our understanding of nature and of each other.   

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Abundance! A Barn Dance!

Posted by Sally Voris :: Sunday, October 14 :: 9:16pm




On Saturday night, Kim Forry called line, circle and square dancing in the chestnut barn at the farm to the music of Back Step Cindy. Imagine a cool crisp night, a star-filled sky, hot-mulled cider, home-baked cookies, fire in the fire circle and over 50 donations to our Silent Auction. An unforgettable evening!  

Our special thanks to The Piedmont Grouphttps://tpgins.net,  a corporate sponsor for the barn dance and the company that has insured the barn and the farm for some ten years.     

Mid-October is the perfect time for a Barn Dance; early November the perfect time for a Drum Circle to Honor the Ancestors. Jaqui MacMillan of Drum for Joy will lead this drum circle on Saturday, November 3 starting at 7:30 p.m. in the  barn. We will host a potluck for circle members (It is easy and reasonable to become a trial member) starting at 6:00 p.m. Bring pictures, mementos, favorite foods and stories of loved ones you want to remember--ancestors, favorite pets, and leaders--and help us decorate a community altar. Cost is $10/adult;$8/child;  $25/family. Children over 12 are welcome. Register here.  

Our next women's retreat will be Saturday, October 27 from 10:30 to 3:30 p.m.  A  core group of women gather as the seasons change to honor our own natural rhythms and the rhythms of the year. We share our stories, create a seasonal ritual, share food, and engage in an art activity. Bring food to share. Cost? $15 first-timers; $25 for regular attendees. Register here. 

Our next Global sisterhood gathering will be Wednesday, November 7 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the farmhouse, 5009 Teeter Road, Taneytown. The event is free and open to all women in our wider community. We do accept donations to support women refugees around the world. RSVP is helpful, but not required. Register here.

May our hearts be filled by the richness of community! 











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Our Season continues....

Our next big event? A Barn Dance on Saturday, October 13 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.  Check our calendar for details, register here or become a sponsor or donate an item to the Silent Auction .  

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