White Rose partners with Moonlit Acres to provide on-the-farm fun

After a summer of fun and exciting learning opportunities, White Rose is excited to announce our partnership with Moonlit Acres Retreat Farm. 

Moonlit Acres is a brand new non-profit. They officially began operating in July, but hosted their pilot program for almost a year prior. During that time, they explored opportunities with White Rose to test run new experiences for prospective members. 

Moonlit Acres’ mission is to create and organize events for adults with developmental disabilities. According to their mission statement, they “meet our guest’s needs for retreat and renewal by providing memorable inclusive experiences through fun, engaging, interest-based activities on the property as well as in the community.” 

“We want them to create new experiences, try new things,” said Holly Bonney, founder and executive director at Moonlit Acres. Partnering with a real, operational farm where members could get their hands dirty was a very appealing idea. 

“We read about White Rose’s mission, and it was very similar to ours: bringing the community together,” said Bonney. 

For Moonlit Acres, spending time at White Rose has been a relaxing way to learn new concepts in fun ways. Moonlit Acres members want new experiences, and a lot of them haven’t spent a lot of time on a farm. The knowledgeable and passionate volunteers and coordinators at White Rose have provided exciting and new opportunities with this in mind. 

White Rose has hosted and co-sponsored a variety of events with Moonlit Acres this summer. So far, they have enjoyed outdoor yoga, workshops, meditative walks, and even just work days in the garden. 

One of their members expressed an interest in learning more about aromatherapy, so White Rose hosted a workshop exploring the properties of essential oils and their natural properties, such as lavender and rosemary. They got to put their noses to the test to see if they could decipher between the two plants, and found that it was tricker than expected! 

They also got to participate in the biodynamic composting workshop White Rose hosted this June. 

“They didn’t know anything about composting. The idea of recycling food was new to them, and it was very exciting,” said Bonney. 

Overall, the partnership has been a great opportunity to learn new things, relax, and share the beauty, bounty, and balance of White Rose. 

“We are so happy with White Rose Farm. The farm is so good at showing us things we wouldn’t have even thought about. They let people come to their own conclusions about how therapeutic nature can be, and our members get to be really free and enjoy it how they want to.”

“I could not be happier with the partnership,” said Bonney. 

Is your group or organization interested in learning more about partnering with White Rose? Reach out for more details!

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