Seed Circles

Seed circles are living mandalas fashioned by hand at White Rose Farm from recycled paper, leaves, flowers and seeds from the farm.. Community artist and educator, Diane Wittner, created this process. (see

We add the farm's own rose water and sacred basil seeds and work with intention to share the farm's touchstones of “beauty, bounty and balance" with the wider world.  The circles can serve to honor those who had died, to be a presence for shut-ins, to celebrate births and marriages, or simply provide a daily reminder of wholeness and beauty.

Imagine a seed circle on a plate stand, on a windowsill or an altar, pinned to a bulletin board, placed under a favorite tree or on a grave. We offer them as tokens of beauty and wholeness in two sizes, large (the size of a dinner place) and small (the size of a saucer.) 

Here are what some of our friends have said about them:  

"I so appreciate Sally's Seed Circles! I have LOVED giving workshops on making them, at White Rose Farm. Each is unique, beautiful and fragrant, and I have shared them with family and friends, who keep them on permanent display as a gentle and spiritual reminder of the cycle of life and of the extraordinary place of bounty that is White Rose Farm." Diane Wittner

"I have received two seed circles, one large the other small, which I have on display in my small home in Spain. Each one has a soft, textured base of white against which lie fragments of small leaves and petals in warm, earth colors. The seed circles are soothing collages which are understated and would fit with any decor. I love having them in my home." Gaby

"It brings a calming to you. That seed circle meant a lot to me. Wishie (Wishbone) was our family dog for 15 years. He wasn't as big as my hand when I got him. He was my baby. He even slept with us. I'm going to set the seed circle in front of his ashes so my grandchildren can participate in his departure and grieve for him. To let them join in and be part of that, is the right thing to do." Mary  

"I have two seed circles in a place where I can see them daily, reminding me of staying connected with the earth and planting my own seeds of kindness and love in my life."Gwen


Quiet time is starting....

Hazel is back! She is pregnant and due midwinter. Our thanks to Leah Mack, at whose farm Hazel and Daisy spent the summer with a virile bull.  Now we want to find Daisy, a pure-bred Jersey, a new home. She is pregnant and due mid-spring. Interested? Please contact me. Thanks. Sally    

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