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Stuffed Swiss Chard Leaves

1) your favorite filling (I used sprouted mixed beans w/sauteed onions, roasted red peppers and rice)

whatever the chosen filling: rice, lentils, beans - should be cooked in a broth or your favorite seasonings to enhance the flavor profile of the end product

2) blanch Swiss Chard leaves in slightly boiling water - rolling boil will damage leaves for stuffing purposes

only need 3-5 minutes in pot of water

3) remove SC leaves, allow to cool, and pat dry

4) use 1-3 tablespoons of filling (depending on the size of the leaf and your own preferences) per SC leaf

5) roll up SC leaves to enclose filling (we rolled the leaves w/rib horizontally - this leaves the stem/rib portion as it is visually appealing - while posing less challenge than rolling the SC leafs w/stem/rib folded vertically)

6) arrange Stuffed SC leafs in baking pain and pour your favorite sauce on top (we used a basic marinara/tomato sauce - it is important to use a sauce to ensure SC leafs remain moist and filling will absorb some sauce too)

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