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Full moon program tonight canceled due to rain

Posted 9/6/2017 1:24pm by Sally Voris .

Hello all! The full moon program for tonight has been canceled. We have received an urgent message from Spiritual Foods. I am willing to contribute to buy avocados. Others of you may want to contribute too. Please contact spiritual foods directly at  <shantiyoga.sol@gmail.com>. Thanks. 


Dear Friend of Spiritual Foods, 

Our support for farmers has been strong for the 20 years since we decided to live an ideal; this would not be the first time that we came in to support a farmer in peril and contribute to allow him to continue on his labor of love.

This morning we received a telephone call from our farmer friend, John Krohn in FL. This man had to cut down his own orange grove by hand several years ago when a blight devastated FL citrus growers. Ever the optimist and realist—a special combination—this 85 year old man rebounded by planting mango and avocado trees. Today, he called to say that the “biggest ever hurricane” is expected this weekend to rip through Florida.  He's very worried, as winds will not only will strip trees of the fruit but avocados could fly through the house like cannonballs.  Therefore, he needs to take them all off the tree this week.

So that this precious fruit does not go to waste, meaning not only a financial loss but a heart loss for this good man, we are writing to see if any of you would like to support by purchasing.  10 lb boxes, still $40 including shipping. You can send a message of love by giving them away to family and neighbors starting a positive chain of love transmission.   

Thank You,

Om Shanti,

(Peace be with you)


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