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Events this week

Posted 3/4/2018 5:36pm by Sally Voris .


Thalassa Mud Balls! Three of us made 25 dozen in less than two hours last night. I was inspired to help a friend who is acutely aware of the health of water. I had heard Steve Storch of Natural Science Organics tell how he had thrown biodynamic preparations in the Mississippi years ago. A friend downstream had noticed later that the river seemed clearer. 

Steve sent me a supply of Thalassa Mix, a biodynamically enhanced sea-mineral supplement with 94 minerals. I mixed up a batch, and then diluted some in well water and set it to mixing in the Vortex Brewer I had bought from him years ago. 

We poured the mix over farm soil and made small balls that looked like chocolate meringues. We imagine lots of people tossing them into streams and bodies of water with this blessing (or something similar): "May the healing energy of these hands and this heart bring healing energy to this water and all that it touches." 

I am delighted to share this process and these Thalassa Mud Balls. Let me know of your interest and your experience! 

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY: Thursday, March 8, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the farmhouse, 5009 Teeter Road. This year, we are encouraged to: "Envision every woman and man being deeply connected to the love within their hearts. Envision and feel the fear, pain and mistrust melt away so that we human beings begin to have compassionate and respectful conversations to create innovative solutions for the challenges we face.." The gathering is for women only; it is free, though we do take a donation to support women refugees. We invite men to join us in spirit as we imagine a time of harmony and respect for all living things. RSVP.

May we continue to nourish the seeds of community.

May Spring come soon! 










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Quiet time is starting....

We are now putting the garden to bed after a very wet season. The two local towns will  deliver leaves to the farm to build organic matter in the soil. We will hold women's circles and Global sisterhood Gatherings through the winter. Check our calendar for details about events.   

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